T-shirt Surikata

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Mochila Firefox

“This backpack comes in a fully featured Hi-Tec, two tone nylon. Specially designed and padded to carry and protect your valuable laptop computer, including laptop sleeve, large storage area, Document storage area, and front accessories pockets which features a key clip and multiple pockets. Roomy enough to comfortably fit a 15″ laptop and still hold all of your open source manifestos. Firefox logo and text embroidered on the front.”

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logitech ® G25 Racing Wheel

* 900° Rotation: Go 2½ times around lock to lock, or switch to 200° to support standard games. * Dual-Motor Force Feedback: Experience the silkiest, smoothest, most powerful force feedback yet. Feel every inch of the road for maximum control. * Metal Gas and Brake Pedals: Get instant response with true-to-life pedals. * 6 Speed Stick Shift: The first and only racing system with a true 6-speed stick shift for the ultimate in control. You can chose between sequential shifting or use F-1 style, wheel-mounted shifters.

241.9 €

WordPress T-shirt

Wordpress T-Shirt

Não sei onde arranjar, nem o preço, mas gostava de ter uma destas!
Versão Preta, tamanho M.

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